16th Anniversary G.L.O.W. 5K Run  June 3rd at 5th Avenue Station in Naperville 

MARK your calendars and share with your friends!!!!!!!!


                                              Give Literacy the Opportunity to Win


Registration is limited to 2000 – register early to avoid disappointment!

The "Run for Reading" is now a fun night run:
"G.L.O.W. 5K RUN"

Mark your calendars for the 16th annual run!

Saturday, June 3, 2017
Race starts at 8:15pm

Wave Starts - again for 2017!


The 5K Run will have a wave start which will be clearly marked. Wave start and Chrono track timing systems attached to your race bib eliminate the need to attach a device to your shoelace. Your time will start and stop when you go over the start/finish line. 

What is a wave start?

A wave start consists of many staggered starts of small groups instead of one giant start for all participants. Runners are placed in waves consisting of other runners with a similar run pace allowing for a less congested race route. Each wave has its start with a short time cushion in between waves.   A wave start creates a safer, more enjoyable experience for all participants!

What does this mean for you? 

Registration - Estimating your time is important. Please be as accurate as possible when choosing your wave on the registration form. Because of the details involved, we ask you to register as early as possible for us to facilitate wave placements as accurately as possible. The race coordinators reserve the right to adjust wave locations if necessary due to grouping sizes.

On Race Day - Please arrive at the starting area early. You will line up by your wave group that will be clearly marked. You will not be allowed to run in a faster wave than you are assigned to but you may move back in a wave.  We ask for your integrity of the waves for a safe and successful event for all participants. 

Can I still run with my friends?

The wave start system is set up to allow you to run with who you choose due to the timing system on your bib your time starts when you cross over the start/finish line. 

Any runner can move BACK in a wave. For example, if you are in wave A, and your friend is in wave C, you can simply line up in wave C, but your friend can not move up to wave A.


The minutes below reflect a 5K (3.1mile) total run time.

If you ran the G.L.O.W. run last year, check out your time on the 2016 race results. If you don’t have a previous time, use your best guess and place yourself in wave C-E, wave C will consist of faster runners, wave E will have more walkers and strollers. Remember your time starts when you cross the start line, so you will have a time just for you no matter what wave you are in!!

    • Wave A: 6:00 mile pace (under 21:00 5K)
    • Wave B: 7:00 mile pace (21:00+ 5K)
    • Wave C: 8:00 mile pace (24:00+ 5K)
    • Wave D: 9:00 mile pace (27:00+ 5K)
    • Wave E: 10:00+ pace (30:00+ 5K) (walkers and strollers)

Registration is limited to 2000 – register early to avoid disappointment!

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About the Event

Jeanine Nicarico Memorial Fund for Literacy hosts 16th Annual Run for Reading – now a fun night run!

June 3, 2017, the 16th Annual Jeanine Nicarico Memorial Fund Run for Reading, a 5K family run/walk to support literacy, fitness and family, will again take place at our new location on 5th Avenue/Plank Road in Naperville. All proceeds will go to the Jeanine Nicarico Memorial Fund for Literacy to acquire and distribute resources that provide enriched literacy opportunities for learners within the Naperville community.

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It shall be the mission of the Jeanine Nicarico Memorial Fund for Literacy to honor the memory of Jeanine by acquiring and distributing resources that promote a deeper understanding of literacy and provide enriched literacy opportunities for the learners within the Naperville community.

Fund Goals

  • Promote the development of literacy for learners of all ages
  • Provide resources for literacy programs and staff development opportunities for educators
  • Encourage and support educators to:

    • Clarify their personal belief system about literacy and learning that is reflected in their practice
    • Develop a deeper understanding of reading and writing processes
    • Acquire the understanding to create a climate that lays a foundation to develop life-long readers, writers, and learners
    • Provide opportunities that link literacy between the home and school


2016-2017 applications will be accepted until Monday, March 6, 2017.


We are a 501 (c)3 not for profit organization administered by the Naperville Education Foundation. Make a donation today! Click the button below or at the top of the page to donate now!

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